Sunday, 10 December 2017


I have probably said that a hundred times but I absolutely love Christmas. It is by far my favourite time of the year, I look forward to it 364 days a year (everyday except Christmas day...). I never spend the holiday at my house in London though, as I usually go back to my parents' house, so I don't like to splurge on loads of Christmas decorations. 

Nevertheless, I still like to make my bedroom somewhat festive by adding a few bits and bobs. It changes every year, sometimes I go a bit more DIY and some years I just buy the entire Anthropologie collection because...why not. 

The best item (or items) to buy for the holidays is mugs and bowls, they are not only useful (duh) but you can also get some seriously festive ones. My favourite store to get mine from is Anthropologie, they have a new Christmas collection every year - and every year they outdo themselves. They are on the pricier side but I 100% think it is worth it, you are quite literally getting a piece of art. 

A more affordable option is Zara Home, they also have some incredibly cute pieces and their sale section is usually pretty amazing. 

Something that always brightens up a space and adds a very natural festive touch is what I call the Christmas Plant. I am not entirely sure what its real name is but it is nature's representation of Christmas. Just one look at them and I feel like I am staring into Santa Claus' eyes. 

To brighten up the holidays, I love to use fairy lights not only to decorate my tree but above my bed, around my window, etc. It makes any space so much cosier and whilst they are no super festive as many people have them up all year round,  it still nice a very nice touch. 

Now, this is not exactly a decoration, but advent calendars never fail to bring the festive spirit. It is a nice daily reminder of how close the best day of the year is getting. And it is also a very valid excuse to indulge on some milky chocolate.

Finally, the easiest way to make any mundane object a little more Christmassy is by adding a beautiful big red bow. It is so easy and simple, but looks like you put so much thought into it - and it can literally be added to anything.

How do you like to decorate your place for the holidays? 

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Thursday, 30 November 2017


If there is one thing I am good at is Christmas presents - whether we're talking about one big massive present or just a small gift. I love brainstorming ideas, finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing their face lit up when they open it. 

Giving is definitley better than receiving. 

My favourite kind of gifts are stock fillers; small little details that come together and create the perfect surprise. There are so many options - from chocolate to socks and even stickers. Some of you may know the brand CaseApp, which offer personalisable phone cases. Turns out, they also have a service for custom stickers: StickerApp

Stickers can be used to decorate pretty much anything.  I love adding loads of random stickers to my laptop, and my notebook. They make a plain boring object look mine. They are also super fun, I literally go around my house sticking stickers everywhere (sorry flatmates). 

I recently placed an order on StickerApp and got some just in time for Christmas. I got two different designs: the happiness molecule and, of course, a unicorn. The cool thing about StickerApp is that they offer so many different finishes, the coolest one being the holographic finish which I had to use for the unicorn. I mean, duh. 

The happiness molecule, also known as Serotonin (can you see all my chemistry knowledge coming through?), is a transparent sticker which are my favourite kind because it means you can stick it anywhere and it will never look weird. It also makes it look fancier. This is probably the best sticker I've ever had, it reminds me of university (I studied chemistry) and makes me feel happy (get it?). 

I am dead serious when I say I have been sticking these everywhere, it's getting a bit out of hand now... but they are just so cool!

If you're looking for a fun, unique stock filler you should definitely consider this. You can even get the person's name printed or maybe their favourite quote so they feel inspired every time they see one of the stickers. The sky is the limit, so get creative! 

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Monday, 27 November 2017


London is, in many ways, divided in two: east & west. East is known for the cool nightclubs, arty streets and cheap(er) rent. West is known for being more cultured, posher and significantly more expensive too. 

Before we go into this post, I'm just gonna state that I'm a West kind of gal. I enjoy a day out in Shoreditch or Spitafield's Market but it would take more than cheaper rent to make me call it my home. Not that there is anything wrong with East, but it's simply not my vibe. Even though I have to admit it's growing on me lately. 

As any average Londoner, I do love a good brunch - whether it is in East or West London. There's no better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning than catching up with your friends over indulgent food and hot lattes. 

Both East and West London have some pretty incredible cafes and restaurants that will make you want to go back weekend after weekend.  After living in London for over 4 years I have had enough weekends to visit plenty of places and find my favourite brunch spots. Let me share my wisdom with you. 



If you are a fan of scrambled eggs, you must go to Granger & Co. I have no clue how they do it, but I have never had eggs that are so creamy, tasty and just all around perfect. They ricotta pancakes are not too shabby either. Their aesthetics are also very much on point, marble and gold with a hint of green. Your Instagram is going to be lit. 

They have a branch in Notting Hill and another one in King's Cross. Even though they don't take reservations the queue is 100% worth it - just make sure you don't go on Sunday at noon unless you are ready to queue up for a good half an hour or more. 


This narrow cafe in Mayfair is a little gem. The place is absolutely gorgeous, it's somewhere I could picture Serena van der Woodsen meetign Chuck Bass for coffee. And their food is equally stunning. Their dulce de leche pancakes never disappoint, and neither does their french toast or acai bowl. 

Their coconut iced latte is my third favourite coffee ever (fyi, my top coffee is Starbucks' Eggnog Latter followed by The Breakfast Club's caramel latte). They use coconut milk to make it, which also acts as a sweetener. It tastes delish. 


Whilst this one is more on the healthier side, they still have some killer cake and juices. Let me tell you, if you're looking for the best red velvet cake, Chelsea is the place. And the portion is very generous too. 

Their acai bowl is probably the best one I've tried, and it's surprisingly filling too so you're not left hungry afterwards! 



This beautiful restaurant hidden inside the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is the perfect place to spend a few hours in the morning enjoying some incredible food and listening to live music. The decor is very zen,  it makes you feel calm and comfortable. It's the kind of place I could hang around for hours just chilling.

Their mac and cheese is incredible, easily one of the best mac and cheeses I've ever head. I'm dying to try their french toast, it sounds (and looks) amazing. And I'm always down for a good french toast. 


Who doesn't like cereal? Specially the sugary, nutrient-lacking kind. They have any cereal you could every dream of, from rare Lucky Charms editions to plain boring Weetos. They also have a variety of topping to choose form (Happy Hippos being my absolute favourite), and so many different milks. And I am not talking about this healthy trend of nut milk, oat milk or any other healthy type of milk. I'm talking chocolate, vanilla, caramel and even strawberry. 

You're likely to leave with a sugar overload, but I guess it is better to overdose in sugar than cocaine? 


Whilst The Breakfast Club is not strictly an East London cafe, since they have branches all around London, writing this post has made me realise I don't know that many good brunch spots in East. I guess I'll have to start frequenting the area more. 

But if you love pancakes and eggs benedict as much as me, you'll want to pay this place a visit. They usually come with long queues, but you'll be glad you waited when you taste their delicious food. And, as I said before, their caramel latte is to die for. 

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Friday, 24 November 2017


Everyone who knows me knows that I love online shopping.  I despise going shopping in stores,  it's
so stressful, there are so many clothes and so many people everywhere... and the queues, don't even get me started on the queues. Everything is so much easier and simpler online: just add everything you like to your basket, review it before ordering and get it delivered straight to your door. 

The lovely people at Pretty Little Thing recently got in touch with me and offered me a few pieces from their collection to celebrate Black Friday and, obviously, I couldn't resist. Everything I ordered arrived to my flat within 24 hours, and it was just like Christmas. Opening those big pink packages felt like unwrapping loads of presents by a big lit up tree: pure joy and happiness.

FYI, Pretty Little Thing are having the best Black Friday sales (up to 50% on everything) so head over to their page now before everything sells out.

Enough rambling though, let me show you what I got!

Let's start with my favourite jumper ever. I love oversized jumpers (fab for hiding food babies) and I also love a good turtle neck. It is pretty unusual for me to wear colour, I usually stick to greys and different shades of brown but I've recently been loving red, orange and yellow. They add a splash of colour to my otherwise very monochrome outfits. This one is so soft and comfy, I would honestly sleep in it.  The other jumper that I got is also quite bright - it's orange,  a colour I never thought I would willingly wear. But here I am, loving it. Also, side note, can we all please take a moment to appreciate my super awkward posing. I never do try-on hauls but I had  to show you how cool these two jumpers look on. *round of applause for Ariadna*

Next, I got a wonderful pair of jeans. I've been wanting to get some basic denim jeans for a while but they were always too baggy, too tight, too long, etc. These ones fit just right, I love how they don't have too much going on but are still more than just your average plain denim jeans - the frayed bottoms and the unsymmetrical knee rip give it a subtle twist. I love to wear them with the red jumper tucked in and a black coat - perfect comfy weekend outfit. 

Since winter is upon us (sad times) I decided to prepare for the freezing weather and get a few jackets. My favourite one is the black fluffy one; it makes you look like you tried so hard with your outfit when you really didn't. It's also super soft and warm so that's a plus! 

Finally, I got some accessories because, you know, I like to spice up my outfits sometimes. This layered necklaces makes any outfit look extra fancy and the silky scarf makes you look like you've just got back from Paris and have LadurĂ©e macaroons in your bag. 

Oh, how could I almost  forget...  i got a unicorn onesie! I've been wanting a onesie for quite literally over 6 years now so you can imagine how incredibly happy I was when I finally got one. I didn't just get a plain old boring onesie, it is a unicorn. You guys, A UNICORN. #goals

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