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Today's post comes from the hand of Samantha Braddy, one of the authors at She kindly offered to write a piece for my post which I happily accepted, her writing style is just beautiful. Hope you enjoy the post and let me know if you would love to see ore of her great work! 

As tempting as it is to pack an entire shelf’s worth of your favorite beauty picks, downsizing your product range will help you establish a healthy routine while traveling, without overburdening your luggage. Let’s take a look at the packing essentials for any traveling occasion that will keep your inner beautician happy and sane throughout your wanderlust endeavors.

Never skip the makeup remover

Even if you intend to use the lightest makeup you own, the Urban Decay makeup remover in a stick is all you need to keep your skin clean, fresh and well-hydrated. No rough effects and damaging ingredients, only oils brimming with vitamin E to melt away even the most stubborn lipstick while you’re still on the plane.

 Your trusty cleanser

Coming from a company that even has a collection dedicated to travel-enthusiasts, the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is a complexion-perfect combo in a neat package that can fit in your carry-on 100ml limit. It can serve as an exfoliator when combined with their cotton cloth, but even applied alone, it purifies your skin with the help of cocoa butter, chamomile and eucalyptus.

The must-have hand protection

You might live without your many creams and gels, but I for one could never leave my apartment without my J. R. Watkins Coconut Cream. Cruelty-free, which is a big plus in my book, and made with natural ingredients, even the coarsest skin will benefit from such a lightweight formula based on shea butter.

The almighty moisturizer

If your skin tends to get look dull after hours of flying, then there’s nothing quite like a spray-on refreshment for your skin in the form of This Works Spray-On Moisture. It’s pure hydration in a bottle, with aloe vera and sea minerals to keep your skin soaked in wellness. Talk about moisturizing on the go, right?

 A boost for your lashes

Handy, practical and long-lasting, the MAC’s mascara is perfect for a classy travel adventure. Go to a business meeting looking like you’ve just stepped out of a beauty parlor, or enjoy an evening out with your besties in an exotic beach bar, but this will become your go-to makeup item for every destination in the future.

Juice up your lips

Nothing can complete a look like a carefully-chosen, delicious lipstick. For those who prefer alternative fashion and bolder shades, Tragic Beautiful offers a huge range of metallic hues your inner diva will fall madly in love with. When it comes to everyday makeup, Buffy Velvetine lipstick in a neutral, creamy shade is one of the best choices for either a daily stroll or partying until the wee hours of the night.

Hair-washing reinvented

If you haven’t tried one before, you’ll surely start carrying a spare bottle with your from now on, as the dry shampoo by Batiste is what keeps your locks happy even in the sultriest of washing-free days. Spray and comb, and your do will be as good as new, no water or special treatment needed.

 Be the multi-purpose gal

She has been an inspiration to ladies all over the globe, and her natural beauty steals the spotlight wherever she appears, so who are we to take her beauty tips for granted? Made with the avid traveler and fashionista in mind, the Selma Hayek Nuance Lights will be your go-to eyeshadow, a perfect eyeliner and a highlighter stick all in one.

The practical hair care pack

Those with a more demanding mane, you’ll love the Moroccanoil travel set, or even just a single product in their travel-friendly line. All of them infused with rich, nourishing argan oil and designed to tackle the frizz in one go, they are ideal for a change of climate and strands that need extra care and nutrition while you travel. 

All-purpose wipes

A lengthy flight never stopped anybody from wearing makeup, right? Well, in that case, you’ll need travel-friendly wipes for refreshing your look and keeping your skin squeaky clean. A choice that never botches my carry-on luggage is a pack of the Neutrogena towelettes that can tackle even your waterproof mascara! Even the sensitive skin-types needn’t worry because these wipes are as gentle as they come.

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Sunday, 13 August 2017


Okay, fine, it is only August. Buuut, whether we like to admit it or not September is quickly approaching (or at least the horrible weather seems to suggest so) and a new school year is about to start very soon. 

My favourite thing about back to school season has always been having an excuse to buy new clothes. As someone who has never had to wear a uniform to school, I always needed a decent amount of 'casual yet cute' outfits to wear to the daily fashion show that was high school. That quickly changed as soon as I got to uni but let's not talk about that. 

Today, I thought I would share with you one of my favourite online stores: Yoins*. Whilst it may not be my go-to store every time I want to buy something since it does take a while for the items to arrive to the UK, it's my go-to store when there is a lot of things that I need to buy as it is incredibly cheap and it is also very good quality. Last winter I bought quite a few sweaters, which were all £20 or less, and they are still going strong! They have everything from summer dresses to chunky sweaters and the cutest stylish tops for any occasion


They do have the cutest summery fashion blouses but my favourite thing will always be their sweaters. They have so many deigns, styles and colours that you are always bound to find something you love. They are all also super comfy, many of them are a bit baggy which I absolutely love because there is nothing I hate more than tight sweaters.  

If you're looking for a place to buy some cute affordable and good quality clothes I'd totally recommend Yoins, they've never disappointed in the past and hopefully won't start now!

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Thursday, 10 August 2017


And finally we have the last post about my time in Croatia. Our last four days were spent in Dubrovnik, a very beautiful town that was unlike any other place I had ever visited. The big city walls made it seem like you were in the Middle Ages or in Games of Thrones, and the many many many stairs made you reevaluate your fitness regime. 

Here's what I did, what I ate and what I photographed. 


If you've read my previous post about Croatia you'll know I spent some time in Zadar. We took a bus from Zadar to Dubrovnik which was about £10 and it took about four hours. It was very long and by the time you get to Dubrovnik you will be so done with buses, but it's the most practical way to move around Croatia unless you want to take a taxi. Something worth mentioning is that you'll have to go through Montenegro to get to Dubrovnik from Zadar and other cities so make sure to have your passport ready!


We stayed in an AirBnB which was a bit outside the Old Town which could have potentially been very inconvenient but, as many other times, Uber came to the rescue. We managed to get into town in 10-15 min and it was fairly cheap (around £10) and we found the drivers were quite chill there and would usually let us be five in a regular Uber which is pretty great when you're a group of 5 and there's no UberXL.

Staying outside the Old Town makes the price drop significantly, so if you don't mine not being right in the middle of everything, it is definitely worth it!


I'm going to start by saying that we didn't do much in Dubrovnik. We were all tired, sleep deprived, done with the heat and hangover. However, we still tried our best to enjoy the city. 

The first day we decided to just walk around the Old Town, exploring the beautiful narrow streets, the architecture, and admiring the city walls. We also decided to book an island tour for the following day. It was a very chill day. Later that day we decided to go out, as we hadn't had a night out yet in Croatia. We had heard about this club called Revelin... O M G, best club I have ever been to. I don't even like clubbing that much, but I had the time of my life. You literally party inside of a castle and the music was the perfect mix of dance, R&B and hits. It usually is free entry before midnight if you have a flyer, otherwise is £15. If you fancy a night out, you HAVE to go to Revelin.

The following day, after about two hours sleep, we hopped onto a boat and explored the coast and some islands. We visited the a blue cave where we got to snorkel in crystal clear blue water. After that, we visited three islands: Lopud, Šipan and Kokošar. They were all kind of similar and, whilst they didn't have the most paradisiac beached I've seen, they were nice and it was great to swin after exploring cities for so long. I have to say though that the water was incredibly clear, it kind of seemed fake. It was the perfect place to snorkel!

The final two days were spent chilling and swimming just outside of the Old Town and wandering around. As I said, our energy levels were very low at that point and we didn't really had the will to be proper tourists. Even then, I loved Dubrovnik and it was by far my favourite city in Croatia! 


Seafood, seafood, seafood and more seafood. I had so much of it. I love seafood so freaking much, but even I got a bit sick of it. Croatian food is mainly based on fish and meat, so being vegan or vegetarian there is not the easiest. I had some incredible grilled fish, amazing ham and even better fruit. My favourite thing though was the watermelon juice I had one morning - it was from a smoothies and juices place called Mr. Fresh and it was incredible. Exactly what I needed to survive in that heat.

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